Back Covers

Back Cover Options for Specific Markets 
Adding a market-specific Back Cover is a valuable option to add to any #800-Series HotLine® calendar, by providing useful information and helpful hints about a specific subject or industry. Recipients appreciate and use this information and it increases the calendar’s usefulness and value as a gift. Spiraling the calendar is included.

• Sturdy 8 point stock
• Copy on both sides of Back Cover and Pocket Ad
• Imprinted with 10 " x 15/8 " customer imprint on one side
• Spiraled to back of any 10 7/8 " x 10 " #800-Series

Pricing and Options:
• Back  Cover: 25¢ ea. (G) additional; Full Color imprint, add 20¢ ea. (G)
• Pocket Ad: 49¢ ea. (G) additional; Black Ad only

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MARKET Back Cover Pocket Ad
Automotive Option #2181 Option #2226
Chiropractic Option #2182 N/A
Financial Option #2280 Option #2228
First Aid Option #2178 (English) Option #2229
First Aid Option #2184 (Spanish) N/A
Home Improvement Option #2177 N/A
Insurance Option #2179 Option #2225
Pet Care Option #2183 N/A
Pharmacy Option #2174 N/A
Phone Index / Standard Option #2175 (copy 1-side only) N/A
Real Estate Option #2276 Option #2227