Orders shipped FedEx Economy unless otherwise noted on order. Priority Mail or Parcel Post are not recommended. Distributor assumes in-transit responsibility.

Invoiced and payable in US Dollars.

Orders are consolidated onto pallets and shipped to one location.

When consolidated shipment is complete and ready for pickup you will receive an email (unless fax is indicated) with the weights and dimensions; along with a Commercial Invoice (for tax purposes only) for your records.

The last consolidated shipment will be 10-11-19. Orders must be received and factory ready 2 weeks prior to this ship date. If you still have orders in house that are not complete by 10-11-19, we will ship the orders upon completion via “FedEx Economy”. Unfortunately, we will not be able to contact you if this happens. If you would like to pick a different carrier, please state that carrier on each order.

  1. Order Processing:
    The following information needs to be on EACH purchase order:
    • Shipping Method: “CONSOLIDATED”
    • Carrier Method: if available
    • Ship Date/Completion Date: Indicate one of the following dates:
      • 2nd & 4th Friday beginning in August
      • October 11th*
        *Last release date available for consolidated is the 2nd Friday of October
  2. Carrier
    • Distributors are responsible for a finding a carrier.
    • UPS or Fed Ex is NOT a consolidated ship method.
    • Notify customer service of your carrier as soon as possible to avoid shipment delays.
    • Must include carrier contact information (including contact name and phone number).
  3. Notification
    • Once first consolidated order is received our team will reach out to you to go over what to expect for consolidated shipments.
    • Two weeks prior to your completion date we will reach out letting you know that we are beginning production and no further orders can be added to this shipment
    • When the orders are completed and ready for pickup our team will email you the weights and dimensions; along with a commercial invoice (for tax purposes only) for your records.  If carrier has not been decided the shipment will wait pending this information.
    • Once shipment has been pickup by your carrier our team will advise when the order was picked up with carrier information and tracking information for your reference.
  4. Deadlines
    • All orders must be factory ready 2 weeks prior to completion date.  Once the orders are released into production no new orders can be added.
    • Last release date available for consolidated shipments is 10/11/19 is the 2nd Friday of October.