International Orders

International Shipping

Orders shipped FedEx Economy unless otherwise noted on order. Priority Mail or Parcel Post is not recommended and distributor assumes in-transit responsibility.

Invoiced and payable in US Dollars.

Consolidated Shipping

Orders are consolidated onto pallets and shipped to one location.

  1. Order Processing:
    The following information needs to be on EACH purchase order:
    • Shipping Method: “CONSOLIDATED”
    • Ship Date: Indicate one of these ship dates:
      • July 14th
      • August 11th
      • September 22th
      • October 13th
      • October 27th*
        *Last release date available for consolidated
  2. Carrier
    • Distributors are responsible for a finding a carrier.
    • UPS or Fed Ex is NOT a consolidated ship method.
    • Notify customer service of your carrier as soon as possible to avoid shipment delays.
    • Must include carrier contact information (including contact name and phone number).
  3. Notification
  4. When consolidated shipment is complete you will receive a fax or email with the weights and dimensions; along with a Commercial Invoice (for tax purposes only) for your records.

  5. Deadlines
  6. The last consolidated shipment will be 10-27-17. Orders must be received and factory ready 2 weeks prior to this ship date. If you still have orders in house that are not complete by 10-27-17, we will ship the orders upon completion via “FedEx Economy”. Unfortunately, we will not be able to contact you if this happens. If you would like to pick a different carrier, please state that carrier on each order.