#647 – Handi-Record

The Ultimate Utility... It features a daily listing of Days Remaining, a convenient Year-at-a-Glance section, spacious memo squares and a large ad space.

#752 – BizBuilder Yearly Business Planner

A full year-at-a-glance calendar in an efficient 18" x 24 1/2" size. Hang it up and plan your entire year at a glance.

#746 – BizBuilder Contractor

Big and bold with a clean, work-oriented pad complete with huge memo spaces, days elapsed, days remaining and a full year-at-a-glance calendar on every page.

#731 – BizBuilder 12-Month Desk Pad

A large-size 22" x 16 5/8" desk pad calendar with a clean, work-oriented look, large memo spaces, and a full year-at-a-glance calendar across the bottom.